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Terms & Conditions

I. Payment

Client must pay a deposit before securing Booking date and time, your deposit will go towards the total balance. The full balance must be paid before the session/event start for the photographer to begin performing services. 

II. Cancelation Policy

Clients must request to cancel a booking through our cancelation form. To be eligible for a refund the client must submit their cancelation 72 hours before the shoot. For a full refund (deposit not included) the client must cancel at least 7 days before the shoot. Cancelations within 5 days will receive a 75% refund (deposit not included).

III. Studio Policy

NO FOOD OR OPEN CONTAINERS ! Be aware of the overhead risk and fall hazards inside studio, also be mindful of the studio gear. If possible wear a different pair of shoes so that when in the studio we can maintain the clean color of our floor drops. 

IV. Copyright

Jharden Visuals LLC holds copyright ownership upon completion of all projects, client will have free use to post images and print them at will after receiving the Print Release Form in their email. 

V. Studio Rental

Any major damage done to the studio will result in additional fees charged to your card on file. Upon booking you must provide a security deposit of $50 to lock in, this will also serve as your payment for the first hour. After your session is complete we will verify that no damage was done to the studio. 

VI. N.C. Sales Tax

Onslow County Tax rate is currently 7% , this fee will be added to every sales transaction.

VII. Environmental Hazards

If photographer is put in an uncomfortable area with no prewarning before the session the service agreement may be terminated and deposit forfeited, 

VIII. Guest/Client Participation

Photographer is not responsible for any client/guest that does not want to take pictures and/or being difficult, in the event that a booking is cut short by the client due to another client or guest not participating Jharden Visuals LLC fulfilled their obligation therefore no refund will be issued.

VIIII. Client Failure to Show

If the client is unable to make the booking due to illness, acts of God or any other cause beyond his/or her control a refund will be issued. The client has 24 hrs. after missed session to contact Jharden Visuals, if we do not receive a call within the allotted time all monies paid will be forfeited  

X. Photographer Failure to Show

If Jharden Visuals LLC is unable to make the booking due to illness, acts of God or any other cause beyond his/her control, the Photographer will attempt to reschedule the booking. if the client can not he will forward the booking over to another photographer/ company. In the case the Photographer can't find a replacement a full refund will be issued to include the initial deposit. 

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